Life Fundamentals with Anya Deva

What is Your


During ReConnect Webinar you will experience:

-Ancient chakra meditation that will guide you to your Higher Self and your Soul Purpose, the 

source of infinite Love, Freedom and Abundance. 

-Finding bigger meaning of YOUR life.

-A process that removes negative blocks and heal your body and mind.


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About Anya Deva

Healer, Spiritual teacher and Author


I have been working as a healer and a spiritual teacher for 15+ years. I practice energy work and healing methods rooted in ancient Ayurveda, 5000 y.o science of Life, that was based on a very holistic approach to life and health.

During my practice I saw that all people suffer because of the long-term emotional trauma which is stuck in our body as negative beliefs and negative energy in Chakras, the energy centers in the subtle body. This stuck energy blocks the normal flow of life force in the body and mind and create miriads of chronic diseases and inability to create the best possible life that you want. It prevents us from getting the love, abundance and happiness that we all desire. Using the Chakra cleansing process, I learned how to help people heal faster.


Yet, the main reason of people having unfulfilled lives is in simple fact that we all consumed by the survival game and have forgotten the very reason we were born in this time and space reality. We have forgotten our Soul Purpose!

I have forgotten mine too, and life was very confusing to me for some time. I was trying different things: my scientific studies and work in the field of Biology got flat after I was facing the limited views of science which never took in consideration the existence of all-pervading conscious life force;  working on Wall street and finance brought me little satisfaction, even though I was making decent leaving.

I turned to the spiritual traditions and esoteric studies to find the answer, and I got the light at the end of that tunnel of confusion.

It all came together when I began practicing Kundalini meditation, was activating my Crown chakra and ask myself the very fundamental question: “Why am I here?”

The closer to my Higher Self I got during my meditations, the clearer the answer was: “My highest Desire Is to create HEAVEN on EARTH.”


Nothing smaller than that? Soul Purpose is always something Grand, but when you follow it, you get the most satisfaction in life, because you follow your Inspiration. Inspiration gives you Wings. Visiting Shambala, or may be even living there for a while, is on my bucket list...


I began teaching meditation, Kundalini Yoga and became a healer.

And I still do teach and practice, with amazing results, loving it every day. You can read reviews of my clients under in Google search.

Now, to teach even more people to help everyone reconnect to their Higher Self and the Soul Purpose, I was given an idea to initiate webinars on-line. It's not easy for me, because I was never tech trained. But, the energy that comes from the Source is so brilliant, and the Soul Purpose is always so big, so much bigger than what we think we are!

That energy is unstoppable, so here I am.

I don't even know how many people will be interested in such a huge subject, but those who are ready, ReConnect to your Higher Selves. Create you life forward from that space of love, joy and abundance, instead of creating it from the space of fear and lack, like, unfortunately, many people still do and they suffer. And people around them suffer too, especially children, who are programmed to fear love, money and success. Reprogramming to success takes many years, if they ever take the rout of self-development. Anyways, these are all the reasons why I do this Webinars.

When you experience your amazing light, how do you think YOU will be inspired? How much light and inspiration can YOU be for your family, your friends, and some lost stranger souls? How many lives can you save from drug overdoses and chronic depressions just with your brilliant presence? I really want to know.

Let's make the Heaven on Earth, together!